What if there were no What ifs?

“What if,” are the most important words a writer, and a reader,  have.  Without them, all we’d have is true stories. There are plenty of good, even great, true life adventures to write and read about, but how many variations of Uncle Harry’s adventure in  Las Vegas involving that stripper, a limo driver and a marmoset, can we stand? Humans like fiction. They need stories and Uncle Harry or Grandpa or that friend of a friend of your boyfriend just aren’t going cut it for the long haul.  For all those fictional stories you, reader and writer, need imagination.

Without  “What if” what would we do with our imaginations? Would we even have art of any kind? Would we even have a civilization? If some Neanderthal hadn’t thought “What if I can use this log to cross this river?” where would we be? No boats for trading or voyages of discovery, or sailboats to anchor in tropical paradises.  If some other ancient hadn’t said,  “What if  there’s a way to cross this river without using that log, then no bridges with toll booths. Okay, we could do without that one. But you get the idea.  We’d still be sitting on the riverbank wondering how to get at that hot Cro-magnon chick on the other side.

And art. Some cave dweller must have thought “What if I put this colored stuff  on a cave wall, like this!” Painting, music, sculpture,  architecture, theater, movies and of course literature, all have to start with, “What if…?”

So that’s what I hope this blog is about, ideas to help you with your what ifs. And maybe a comment or two about whatever. If anybody is looking in? Which is a perfect, and convenient, segue to —


What if you wrote a blog and nobody read it? How far would you go to get people to read it? How far if you were  a bit eccentric, or a bit mentally unbalanced, or very, very unbalanced. Do I see a serial killer novel there?

Or–What if you wrote a blog and EVERYBODY read it, and followed it? Would you want that sort of power? Could you handle that  power? What would you do with it?

Or–What if you wrote a blog and in 200 or so years after humans had managed to become extinct some aliens landed and the only record of human civilization they found was your blog. What would they think?

Feel free to use these ideas as you see fit. If you make a ton of money from one, don’t forget my finders fee.  I hope to post at least once a week, if not more.  Comments, as well as suitable links, are welcomed.

And if someone wants to expand the What if, imagination, civilization idea, feel free.

Don’t forget to check out www.smashwords.com/profile/view/davidburton


3 Responses to “What if there were no What ifs?”

  1. Very good start – provocative thinking is always welcome.

    Of all the “what-ifs,” I’ve often wondered which element of a big screen movie is most important to the overall enjoyment of the popcorn chomping, coke sipping viewers. Is it the screenplay? The producer or director? Perhaps the special effects coordinator? Or maybe the casting director, or the actors themselves?

    I think not. My favorite “what-if” is the musical score. Imagine what movies would be like without the soul bending music that goes along with every scene?

    Do you remember the movie Jaws, and the part where the shark came into the pond and almost ate Chief Brody’s son? After all the excitement and the shark has gone away, Chief Brody looks out to sea, absolutely helpless. The last five seconds of Williams’ musical score for that exact moment of the scene is priceless. It just takes your breath away.

    So that’s my what-if. Do you want to hear a fantastic piece of music? Find Dolphin Dream by Tom Barabas, it’s on Yahoo music. If music isn’t the best “what-if in the world then I’m Brad Pitt.

    Great start on your Blog. If the host will let you dress it up with photos or something similar, that’s my suggestion.

    • My only argument against you comment would be that without the what if? that got the script written, there wouldn’t be a movie to put music to. I do agree that a movie without music is just an expensive home movie.

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