Black or White?

I’ve heard that white letters on a black background gives some readers a headache. So I changed the template. I didn’t like it so I changed it back. If anybody has a headache problem, let me know. I’m flexible.

Speaking of black or white, here’s a story idea for someone with the insight to write it right.

What if a black/white  man, boy/woman, girl was in love with a black  man, boy/woman, girl and  a white  man, boy/woman, girl?  A book/film exploring the prejudices and problems that might bring could be a powerful/hilarious story.


What if you were the only racist on the planet? If everyone else on the planet had come to their senses and did not care what race  anybody was and you were the only one who hated other people because of  their ethnicity, what would that be like? How would other people treat you? How would you treat them? Would you eventually see the wisdom of the world, or would you embrace your hate because it made you different?  Would you try and recruit others to your bigotry, start an underground KKK revival?

It seems to me there would be  a loneliness component to your life, everyone wants to be a little different, but the only racist on the planet? I might  have to have a little bit of sympathy for you, maybe even admire you for sticking to your beliefs. If you were persuasive enough, maybe I’d join you, help you seek converts, after all, I’d like to be different, too. It’s human nature.  And maybe future history books will cite you as the one person who brought a certain kind of diversity back to the world.  It could happen. Though I hope not.

Black  or White encompasses much more than race– Good or Evil ( no small subject) Day or Night, Right or Wrong, what to wear to a wedding.   But those are subjects for another day.

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