Entertain Me

On her blog,  Cassandra Jade in the Realm, at www.cassandrajade.wordpress.com, Cassandra asked for comments on what is most important in a novel. As a published (two novels and one on the way)  and unpublished (yikes that many?!) writer, and an aspiring screenplay writer (yikes, that many scripts in the drawer?!) I wasn’t sure how to answer that, until last week.

I get several screenwriting newsletters. Last week I read Hal Croasmun’s New 10 Commandment’s of Screenwriting (www.screenwritingu.com/blog) and found my answer in the first commandment.  No. 1 – It has to be Entertaining.  Sure, all those other annoying details like plot, character, pace, dialogue, theme, subtext, and proper grammar are important. But what good are they if the story doesn’t entertain you? If you have to force yourself to keep reading in hopes of finding the good stuff, that’s not entertainment, that’s work.

If  you  want me to work at reading,  send me your manuscript or script and some money and I’ll read it and tell you what I think. Just make sure it’s entertaining.


What if there was only one singer in the known universe, galaxy anyway, and almost all the rest were no better than American Idol rejects? Except for a few who were pretty damn good, but they weren’t allowed to sing because there was only one True Singer. What if these few singers secretly banded together to assassinate that Singer so they would have a chance? What if you were the one responsible for the Singer’s security on all the inhabited worlds?

What if you wanted so badly to be a wildly successful entertainer that you tried to make a deal with the Devil, but he didn’t want your soul. So you made a deal with God. He would give you what you wanted, but after you died, loved and adored by your billions of fans,  you owed Him a small off-the-books favor. And now it was time to pay up.

What if you were a great entertainer and was, along with other entertainers, collected by a sociopathic alien, sorcerer, witch, demon, president or CEO and every performance had to be better than the last and if it wasn’t you ended up next to the butterflies with pins in them. What would you do –  steal from the others for your gain, band together with them to escape, work on your own to escape, work on your own so all could escape, sacrifice yourself?  What if you were the one who had to go out and do the collecting? How far would you go and what would you be thinking?

In any case, entertain me by checking out www.smashwords.com/profile/view/davidburton for all your e-book needs.


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