Space is the Place 1

Space,  the final frontier and all that jazz.  I’m talking outer space here, though the inner space, and workings,  of the human brain are as, or more, complex than getting out into outer space. And likely to get more complex (read fucked up) once we get out there and experience the unique problems and minor  challenges, like vast distances, no air, and new species, waiting for us.

But first, assuming the political enlightenment to work together for mankind, (I know, Science Fiction at its most unbelievable) we have to get up there.  I like the Space Elevator idea. A tether from the equator to a Station in geosynchronous orbit balanced by a counterweight at the far end. You step in at the Earth end, push the Lobby  button and zip, there you are in space. Get your transfer punched and board the shuttle bus to the Moon. The tether would have to be pretty strong, probably made of Jupitureon Cloud Spider silk mixed in with Kevlar and  Bucky Balls all wrapped up with duct tape.  I’ve mentioned this before, but Diet Smith had it all figured out back in the 50s with his transports propelled by magnetic fields. Maybe we’ll have robot Scotties. You step on a pad, say the magic words, “Beam me up, Scotty,” and he will.

Magic might work.  Might be a well-paying gig to be a Transport Sorcerer. They might cast a protective spell on you, using eye of Martian Newt,  hair of Uranian dog, and crushed petals from the sunny side of a Venusian equatorial *^#@$^& flower.  A few indecipherable words and zip, you’re in space. Hopefully the Sorcerer didn’t drink too much of his own brew the night before. You want to materialize on a space station or ship, not, you know, anywhere else.

Once you’re in Space it’s a long way to ANYWHERE.  There are plenty of ways to get around. The old reliable FTL, Wormholes, Jumping across folded space, Jumping through Dimensional Space, Hyperspace, Powered by rare Crystals found only on a single uncharted planet owned by a greedy, power-mad Industrialist, or Colony Sleeper ships, among others. I have an idea about those later. Don’t forget those magnetic fields.

Magic might be your ticket to a bright future. Take a certified Online class and in only a few short months you could make good money as a Sorcerer Power Engineer, if you were strong enough to command the power of the universe to scoot your ship through space.  Of course that wouldn’t do any good without a Sorcerer (or Witch) Navigator to scry for your position and final (?) destination. See the class schedule on our website.

Speaking of final destinations, there are lots of ways to die in space. But with all that vastness, there’s plenty of room for weirdness. Sure, plenty of death will be plain old Death, unfortunately, not always pleasant. We’ll have to live with it.  Surely, other types of Death, and Life, will be found, both horrifying and enlightening, action packed or boring, tragic or happy.


What if instead of packing a zillion people into a colony sleeper ship en route to Planet Delta 6 and hoping they all slept in their pods through the ____ year journey and that the computers actually woke them up like they planned, they had vampires as caretakers.  They’d be awake all the time to take care of the minor maintenance  problems that would inevitably pop up. They could sample  cups of blood from each colonist to survive. Maybe Master Blood blenders would emerge, producing prize-winning vintages. Maybe a vampire or two would become jealous and murder one of the colonists who provided a unique blood type. Would the vampires waken a human detective to solve the crime with a hot vampire (male or female) assistant?

What if you woke up in a non-vampire attended Colony Ship and you couldn’t wake up any other sleeper? You’d definitely be a candidate for the Lonely Hearts Club.  OR, what if the only person you could wake up to help fix the looming disaster threatening not only the colonist’s  lives but the very survival of all mankind, was an unrepentant serial killer you had helped capture. Anybody know where Hannibal Lecter is?

What if in order to anchor the Space Elevator you had to dig so deep you inadvertently broke into a  passage to Hell, and didn’t know it? But the Demons did?  Would they inhabit the elevator? Use it to commandeer the Space Station? For what purpose? Would it take Magic or Science to take back the Station? Maybe the Station is damaged and can’t hold air so the humans make a deal with the demons, vampires or aliens to run the place for us.

What If you lived on a huge Space Station. Like any place there are the people who live in the upper neighborhoods and the ones who drop out for one reason or another and live in the lower rent regions. What if someone up there lost something valuable, station survival related, or incriminating, and somehow it ended up down where you live. And you found it. And then the one who lost it comes looking. And then others who would like/need to find it first came looking. What would you do? Who would you give it to? Or would you use it for your own nefarious/ virtuous ends? A rent free apartment with a view, save a loved one, justice, revenge?

No matter where you go, beyond Earth, beyond the Galaxy, past the Rim or the edge of the known/unknown Universe, there’ll always be heroes and villans and people to tell their stories. I’m going there now.


Author: davidburtonwriting

David Burton is an American writer living in sunny Southern California. He traveled by motorcycle through Mexico, US, Canada and Alaska. From motorcycles he turned to the ocean, building and sailing his own boats to Mexico, Tahiti, Hawaii, and through the Panama Canal to Florida. He spent a lot of time reading while on the water, so he decided to write books he would have wanted to read at sea. Having swallowed the anchor he now mops floors and collects trash for money, writes for a living, and has become a (temporarily?) unrequited sailor.

One thought on “Space is the Place 1”

  1. Hey, David, good looking blog.

    I like you list of ideas. I get all sorts of ideas like that but I’ll never live long enough to write anything about even 10% of them — maybe 1%.

    Check out my new WordPress blog. It’s mainly for my short stories, some strange, some stranger.

    Take care.

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