Up to Code

Code Number CAU5N4YD8U3R doesn’t mean anything to you, unless you’re one of the Technorati who know what it’s for. I promise it has nothing to do with world domination or its destruction by aliens, so you can ignore it, but not the questions about vampires in Hell at the end.

 The whole idea of codes is  to keep something secret from someone.  Secret codes make the fictional, and real, worlds go round. Where would the CIA and its global counterparts be without their secret ciphers and the efforts by the bad guys to break those cyphers?  Not to mention innumerable thriller writers whose erstwhile heroes must travel the globe seeking clues to a coded message written 1000 years ago just to save us at the last second! Whew!

Then there’s the Genetic code. That’s been cracked for quite the while, but the quest to put it back together is ongoing. See the movie Slice. Will somebody clone a human? If they haven’t already in some secret lab where a new breed of soldier is being grown to affect world domination, sure. Codes are made to be broken. But why is it always soldiers? Why not clone a thousand everyman or everywoman and get them minor functionary jobs in government, or in financial institutions, or as civilian clerks in military bases and police stations? If they all pushed the  wrong button at the right time and they could take over the world.

Codes of Conduct are usually a good thing, but they seem to be the easiest to break. If every cop, soldier, politician, priest, doctor, lawyer, banker, agent, parent and building contractor followed a  prescribed code of good  conduct and/or ethics what a wonderful world this could be. Now that’s a real fiction story.


What if Satan learned of a coded message that held the date of the Rapture and wanted the date so he could plan a terrorist action to kidnap all the believers before they could be swept up to Heaven? But the code was lost so a couple of Angels were dispatched to find the code before Satan’s agents could lay their claws on it.

What if a scientist discovered some world saving secret code but died before he could write it down and the powers that be determined a way to clone him with his memories intact. So they did that, despite major opposition from various fanatical types, mostly for the wrong reasons, but this time they may have been right, again mostly for the wrong reasons, because something else sneaks  into the genetic code of the clone and is not as willing to give up the world saving secret as the original scientist would have been. That sneaky DNA could have been accidental or on purpose and come from an alien, or angel, or demon, or ghost, or madman, you pick.

What if you lived by a strict personal code of honor or ethics that was the only thing keeping your life from splintering into a thousand pieces. What would it take to make you risk your sanity and/or life by stepping outside that code? Love, hate, revenge, honor?

I need some input from writers and readers alike. —- What if  you were a good vampire, not the evil rapacious, blood gorging kind, and went into Hell regularly to do good things? How would Hell, and its different rules and enviroment affect you? Not at all? Would you lose your strength and superior senses? Though there is no sun, would you still have to sleep? Do you think there might be places that have something equivalent to sunlight that you’d need to avoid? Could you drink demon blood? Could you still die?  I would greatly appreciate any thoughts on those questions and any others you might come up with. Either leave a comment or e-mail me at dcburtonjr@gmail.com. Thank you for your support.

Don’t forget to save your dimes and quarters for the release of Blood Justice on Oct.1

This is not a secret code and it won’t self destruct in ten seconds — I’m outta here.


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