Blood + Justice = Revenge

My new novel, Blood Justice (click on the sidebar cover) will be out on October 1. It’s basically a revenge story. Justin Kroft wants to visit revenge on the bad guys who did bad things to her daughter, before murdering her. Who wouldn’t? Is there a father or mother out there who wouldn’t want to visit some heavy-duty hurt on the killer(s) of one of their kids if they had the chance? Now you might not actually do it, even if you knew you wouldn’t be caught. Not everyone can pull that trigger, or draw that razor across some scumbag’s throat, or bash a head  with a baseball bat. But I bet every one with a murdered kid would damn sure want to at some point. That’s why Dexter has such a following.  Somebody is taking care of the bloody justice you’d like to, but are too civilized to do.

Some who do exact their revenge are more or less civilized. However, fueled by booze, drugs, or grief they forget they have more to lose than a child. Though it can be argued that after losing a child, what else matters? Well, there’s your freedom. Even if the guy, or gal, is a total psycho, scumbag nutjob, civilians aren’t supposed to kill them, no matter how much they deserve to be allowed to.  You could also lose your family, friends, house, money, job, lunches at that greasy-spoon diner that serves the best patty melts ever,  or a sunday drive up the coast with the top down, fuel crises and global warming be damned.

The difference between you and Justin Kroft is that though she’s a single mom she does have it all, family ( her daughter)  money, job, friends (a few) and freedom, but she doesn’t care.  Her daughter Brittany was her life. Without Brittany, she had no life, no reason to live, so, when she found out one of the murders was a vampire, it was not a hard decision to allow herself to die and be reborn a vampire with only revenge on her mind. Justin gave up her life, albeit eternal “life,” to wreak vengeance on the deserving. What would you sacrifice? Could you be the local Dexter substitute? Would guilt be a worse punishment than incarceration? Or, would the guilt of not taking advantage of the opportunity to avenge the death of your child be an even worse hell for you? Eric on True Blood waited 1000 years to get his revenge. How long would you wait?


What if  your family was murdered and the guy who did it was shot dead by the police when they found him? Would that be enough for you? Or would you feel cheated that he got an easy, quick death and your family didn’t? Would you shrug it off and move on, or disintegrate. Maybe pull a Leaving Las Vegas? What if you met a demon and he, or she, offered a deal. You could go to Hell for 24 hours and do what ever you wanted to the murder’s soul, in exchange, of course, for a small favor for the demon. Which would be…? Or, what if you dropped out, went off the grid, consumed by grief with nobody to vent your vengeance on? Then met a guy who you were almost 100% sure deserved to die. Would your grief be assuaged by killing that guy? Or would it be too late? If you did kill him, what then? Especially if you found out he was really a good guy. And especially if after the deed, you met a person who might love you and bring you back to life. To late for a happy ending?

What if you did something bad to some body and you felt bad about it and felt you deserved their vengeance and welcomed it. Then those people came after you, but sideways. They killed other people, letting the public know that the killing would stop when you came to them. Would you go? If you went to them could you go through with it? Don’t those innocents killed deserve some vengeance of their own? Who better than you, who have  accepted death and have nothing left to live for, to avenge those who can not avenge themselves?  

What if you were an abused wife and one day woke up and you’d had enough. Instead of packing a bag and walking out, you chained your scumbag ( no matter how rich, handsome, smart and successful) husband in the basement of your house, or some similar secure and soundproof place. Now he can experience how abuse works. Don’t forget to tell him you love him after each “training” session. Maybe you meet other abused women and you loan your husband to them to vent their own fears and frustrations. Not being high on men at the time, maybe one of those women becomes your lover. Not a good move, because what if your bloody hubby gets loose and kills one of the women. After a heavy-duty fight he escapes, and goes after your new lover. Now you have to go after him. You rush to your lover’s  large estate to save her. Is he there yet? Where is he? Where is she? Is he outside? If you go out, will you be able to get back in? A SCREAM! Is she dead? Is he stalking you as you’re stalking him? You find an open gun safe. What weapons does he have? What do you have? You fight several times. He wins. You win. Where’s your lover? You see her, sure she’s dead. He catches you. You’re finished. Dead in a few seconds.  But your girl distracts him! You push him over the balcony. He’s gone for good. Until you and your new love look for the body. It’s gone. He’s hiding and kills her when you get close. And almost you. But you get him, permanently this time. Your final revenge. But at what cost?

What if your family was caught in a Hatfield and McCoy type feud with another family. For generations children on both side have been raised to exact revenge on the other family, though nobody is quite clear anymore for what horrible deed. But your family has not been able to win against the other richer, smarter, cleverer family. Until now. You are the one. Smart, wily, bold, you’re the one to take down those cursed villans once and for all. And you’re into it. You set up  your plan, put it in motion, it’s working–until you meet a male/female member of the other family and you both fall in love. So now who cares about some silly generational revenge feud? Everybody else! Your love is doomed, unless–it’s all part of your plan, or, a part of your True Love’s plan to thwart your plan. It’s the type of situation that could easily end in blood. A lot of blood. Maybe enough to make the feud moot, because there’s nobody left of either family to care. Except you. And maybe your True Love. If you can trust them. Will you get together for a happy-ever-after, or walk away? Or will there be a little more blood on the ground? 

Don’t swear vengeance on me if you miss Blood Justice. I warned you.