It Suits You…Or Not

It suits you all to read a good vampire thriller, I know it does, and you do too. And this being your lucky day, I have  one handy, Blood Justice, in case you didn’t know already. Just because I’m a nice guy I’m going to tell (not show, sorry) you where you can find this fine tome, my third, you know. For those of you in the area, or wanting an excuse to see the Pacific Ocean, on November 6 at 2 p.m. I will be signing Blood Justice at the Mysterious Galaxy Book Store in San Diego. I had lines and lines of links to the various places where my book can be obtained (legally, anyway.) But one link will open up a wonder of other links to all the places a book buyer needs to know about. That being – Check the lower right corner.  I know you’re tired, or will be tired, of hearing about this great book, but,  like pledging for your PBS station, once you’ve pledged, you don’t have to feel guilty three times a year when they ask for money.  You know what I mean? Nuff said.

Everybody is suited for something. Some people are suited to be sales persons. (Can you feel my body shudder at the thought of being a salesman? Promise you’ll never mention Encyclopedia Britannica to me. I’m over that. Really, I am.)  Some are suited to be politicians. See above. Scientists, indoor and outdoor, teachers, we need more of those, too bad we spent the money for them on something else, business persons, actors, soldiers, sex workers, and worker bees, somebody is suited for all those jobs.

Writers, too. Some are suited (blessed?) to be bestselling, self-promoting, (and liking it, for God’s sake!) gad about, life of the party, conversational maven writers. Some are more suited to hole up in a dark room with Jazz in the earphones and write  stories for my… I mean themselves that no one else wants to read, and if forced to socialize prefer to stand in the corner and hope nobody wants to talk to them.

In Blood Justice (I’m sure you know what I”m talking about by now) the heroine (is that correct terminology or is it now PC to call all heroes, ah…heroes?) Justine Kroft is well suited to be a vampire avenger. She’s a strong-willed, successful, single mother with martial arts training, one friend, and nothing else to live for. It’s a no brainer she’d want to be a vampire to avenge the murder of her daughter.

Similarly, Simone Gireaux, a 350 year-old Vampire, is suited for her role. She, too, lost her family to murderous vampires (see the Accidental Vampire page, top right) so is willing to help Justine in her quest for revenge.

Teresa Diaz, Justine’s one true friend, also is suited to help Justine. Her daughter is missing, so she knows what Justine feels. Her husband and other two children have moved on, Teresa has not. She is a real “friend.” If Justine needs her help, she’ll help.

So what makes these women so well suited to do what they do? Nature or nurture? No doubt their past experiences shaped them into what they are today. But, all that nurture had their individual natures to work with. If Justine had been a shy, withdrawn, delicate child would the same experiences have led her to give up her mortal life to go after a bad-ass vampire? If Simone had been a weak, unintelligent (not, uneducated) cowering peasant woman, would she have been able to survive 350 years of superstition, ignorance and fear? Not likely. It’s Teresa’s nature not to forget her missing daughter and to continue to search for answers. Just like it’s her husband’s nature to put it behind him and move on.

Nature deals you a hand, nurture determines whether you’re suitable to risk a raise, or fold. 


What if a good girl hooked up with an unsuitable bad boy and tragedy ensued? As if you didn’t think of that first thing.  As if all the gender, age, class permutations of that idea haven’t been around since forever. It’s still as fresh as it was back when Mag met Ugh and he showed her his cave paintings. The private ones way in the back. It will probably still  be fresh when Magzet meets Zook2 and he takes her for a ride on his spacecycle, even though her parents forbid her to see that bum, out to his underground asteroid weekend home and shows her his diamond laser etchings. The private ones in the back.  So I think there’s still a story or two there.

What if a nice, but nerdy, plain-looking man actually hooked up with an unsuitable (at first glance) hot chick. Though she might be a flirty party girl, she’s one of the rare ones who can look beyond the geek exterior and see the good guy inside, and also see in the future that he’s going to be a gazillionaire one day, and she really does come to love him. Then the tragedy. She’s  assaulted, with extreme violence, and the guy, being weak and inexperienced and never having to test his bravery, can’t help her. Helpless,  he has to watch whatever  happens to her. He’s broken. He loses his niceness, his innocence. He doesn’t have a strong body, but he’s strong where it counts, between the ears. What would such a guy do to deliver suitable justice to the bad guy? Or, reverse the genders. How would that change the story?

What if young love happened but the parents disapproved, “He/she is unsuitable for my child,” he opined.  Another oldey but goody.  But what if the unsuitable one goes away and comes back as A: rich and successful – boring. Or B: A different sex. There’s that nature again. Maybe not so boring. Again, reverse some genders and sexual preferences and see what happens. And is the “child,” no matter how old he/she is, in on the secret? The big question is, will there be a happy or tragic ending?

Whatever’s suitable for you, go for it. Whether that includes vampires or not, thanks for your support.

Please Release Me

Okay, this is the Shameless Promotion section of this What If? blog post. I know you don’t mind. In fact I have it on good authority that you’ve been waiting for this announcement, if not exactly breathlessly, then maybe you had to hold your breath for a few seconds to quell your anticipatory excitement when you counted up the dimes and quarters you’ve been saving and realized your goal was in sight .

On October 1st (So close!) my novel Blood Justice will be available to the vast (?)reading public.    YEAH! (That’s an anonymous quote, BTW.)

The book will be available wherever fine, and even not so fine, books are sold. In case you haven’t already put in your pre-order for a physical copy (or two) at your favorite bookstore, this includes online, you know who I’m talking about, offline, the Big Boxes and the little independent boxes like The Fremont Place Bookstore in Seattle, and Reader’s Cove, in Fort Collins, Colorado.   If you’re an e-book reader,  is the place to go.  For my other e-books, slide on over to  You’ll be glad you did.  And that concludes the unabashedly, and unapologetically hucksterism portion of the program. So please hie off to your favorite book source and support your favorite starving writer. My new sailboat needs a down payment if it’s ever going to be released from its bondage to an evil, uncaring lndlubber captain and delivered into my ocean spanning care! If good ( mostly) Vampires aren’t your thing (what?) surely you know someone with an imminent gift giving occasion who is. We all know, or should know, that books make great gifts.  Okay, now the hustle is over.

I’m not the only one waiting for release of some kind. What about those of you in prison? Of course you’re waiting to be released. But there’s more than one kind of prison. There’s about 6 and a half billion different ones. Wether your prison is physical or in your mind we all have one.

If you’re a prisoner of love, you may not want to be released. Your love could be a nice, comfy cell you look forward to waking up in everyday. However, if love turns to obsession, the dankest prison cell may seem preferable. A prisoner of your own obsession or someone else’s, Please Release Me, may be the song  you wake up to everyday.

The same if you’re  trapped in a failing body, denied the release of a dignified death on your own terms by others whose business it is not. Or poverty, where the cycle of lack of education and hope is so tough to break.

Not all releases are bad. Such as the end of school, the end of a job you hate, or at least a vacation, or getting out of jail when you were sent down for something you didn’t do, the release of a movie you made, or wrote, or really really really want to see, or…ah… a book.


What if you were in prison for something you didn’t do and you knew who had set you up and had grand plans of revenge if you were ever released. Then, while in solitary confinement you met a creature who promised, for a small kindness on your part, to exact a gruesome revenge on the person you thought set you up. But then DNA evidence proves your innocence. You weren’t set up. But now the creature is gone and once you’re released you have to stop him/it from hurting the person who turns out to have been your friend all along, and his/her family. And the clock is, as always, ticking.

 What if  you had a book being released (imagine that) and a particular critic’s review was crucial to its success, and you really really needed it to be a success?  The problem is the critic is married to your sister, but the sister ran off with another man/woman. The critic wants her back, but doesn’t know where she is. You do. You also know it will go very bad for her if he gets his hands on her. He’s one of those vindictive, sadistic types. But, no sister, no review. How far would you go for success? Would you betray your sister? Betray the critic then try to save the sister? Or would you live with your guilt, releasing it only in your writing to critical acclaim and continued success? 

What if a small spaceship crashed on Earth, releasing a sentient virus/bacteria. These tiny aliens had no animosity toward humans, they only wanted to go home– Lots of tiny ETs. They entered some humans and could steer them in the direction of space, revealing much advanced technology. All goes along great, until it’s discovered that the  aliens, though wanting to do no harm, are unintentionally killing the humans.  The humans will die unless the aliens leave their bodies, but then the aliens will die. They badly want to go home, but have come to admire and like the humans. If the humans die, the aliens die also. Once in space, the visitors will be free  to leave the humans and all will live happily ever after. Though, as always, the clock is ticking.

And so I release you to go about your book buying business. Thank you for your support.  Oh…where did you say your sister lived?