Honestly now…not

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I’ve recently been informed that nobody reads my blog. This of course is disheartening, but also liberating. I can write whatever I want without worrying that I might offend someone, not that I do. I think it’s also not true that NOBODY reads it. Maybe 20-25 people visit whenever I post a new one. Surely one or two actually read it. Don’t they? Readers or not, and even though I grumble to myself when I’m actually writing it, I love doing the ideas part. Ask any writer, isn’t the funnest part that initial rush when that new IDEA is exploding in your head and new scenes and dialogue and characters tumble around like clothes in a dryer with new pieces magically appearing,  all screaming for attention? I want to write every idea. Alas, I am not a vampire and immortal, like the characters in Blood Justice. Ha, I bet you thought you were going to get away without another mention of Blood Justice. Fat chance.

Telling me that nobody reads my blog may or may not be true, and the right to say it may be protected by our country’s Right of Free Speech, but honestly now, wouldn’t a little white lie have been better? From your perspective it probably would have been, because I probably wouldn’t have written this slightly snarky blog post that you’re not reading. 

White lies are good. I mean what if there’s a gorgeous hunky guy at work who’s been making eyes at you and when he’s not looking you’re making eyes at him, though you know nothing will ever happen, and then one day you’re in the supply room and he shows up and somehow the door closes and his eye and body language make totally inappropriate suggestions, since you’re happily married to a very nice guy, and your head is outraged that he smells so good and his smile weakens your knees and warms your body fluids, but your body is overruling your brain by preparing itself for his big, strong hands to unzip and unbutton and grab you who cares where and lift you up and…. So you go home and your husband has a glass of wine ready and dinner in the oven and he asks, “How was your day, Hon. Anything exciting happen?” Now which is better, the TRUTH, or, “Oh, nothing. What’s for dinner?”


What if  you told a lie. Not a big one, a little white lie to save somebody’s feelings, which is a good reason to tell one, except this time that innocuous lie leads to one more and one more and then a bigger (but still white) lie, and then you’re done. Everything is cool as far as you’re concerned. But the person you lied to, not so good, and big trouble comes their way and it’s your fault and you love this person so you’d better fix it  because that first lie was one of those kill-a-butterfly-in-the-jungle-and-the world-will-end-(maybe literally)-chaos theory ones. So, feelings shmeelings, think of the universal consequences before telling someone a lie, like – “Nobody reads your blog, you hack.”

What if you spent your whole life making someone happy, lying, stroking the ego, anything to make that person happy at the expense of your own dreams and desires. Then they die. Sad, because now you’re too old, sick, tired, beaten down or wasted to seek your dream, but at least you know the other person appreciated your efforts. Well done, Joe.  Then you die, and you go to Hell. What? Why? you ask. Because that person you gave your life to bad-mouthed you at the Pearly Gates and so now you’re in Hell. And now, though you may be in Hell and they may be in Heaven, you have a new dream, and it’s called,  REVENGE, YOU UNGRATFUL BITCH! Or SON-OF-A-BITCH, as the case may be.

What if you could always tell when anyone lied, and, knew the truth they were lying about. What would you do with that gift? Do good, do bad, a little of both? Good on the outside, bad on the inside? Would you tell the government? Keep it a secret? Would anybody ever trust you if they knew your secret? How rich would get? What if bad guys got hold of you to use your gift (If you still thought of it as a gift)? How would you oh so cleverly defeat them? Honestly now, what would you do?

Freedom of speech compels me to honestly say, I want you to buy a copy of Blood Justice for a gift to a vampire lover you love.  And that ain’t no little white lie.