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I usually write about supernatural stuff or mystery/thrillers. Windhaven might have some thrills but no mystery and no vampires or trips to hell (see my other books.) It’s a survival adventure that could happen any day now.  I’m not doing official chapters every post, just whenever.  The numbers are to keep it all in order, for you and me.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome as long as you know that I may or may not follow them.

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What Ifs?

What If someone had something against one, or two, of the crew of a sailboat going offshore and they planted a bomb of some sort set to explode at some particular time? Maybe five minutes before the big bang he, or she, contacts them somehow, and tells them what’s going to happen. Boom. All are lost, except one guy survives who had nothing to do with the bomber, and he’s pissed!

Or, What If in the middle of the ocean the crew rescues a mermaid running away from a mean merman. The merman has connections. Maybe the mermaid is Poseidon’s favorite niece so merman has to keep under the Big Guy’s radar. They can’t just sink the boat, but the merhenchmen can reduce the crew, quietly, one at a time. But then Poseidon finds out what’s happening, and he’s pissed!

 What If the above happened in space? You figure it out.

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Windhaven 5


 At five o’clock on Sunday morning Linda, gripping her coffee with both hands, had hunched over her home computer as an interviewer and camera worked their way down the dock, interviewing crew members of the seven boats. She knew enough about boats to recognize the engineering, ingenuity, ruggedness, and the money involved in the sailboats getting ready to race around the world.


Interspersed with the interviews were short video clips of each boat at speed under full sail. The thrill of those boats powering through the water made her heart beat a little quicker each time, not only with excitement but a bit of fear as the vessels crashed through rough seas. In the night as they lay together in his bunk Noah had admitted he was excited to join the race, but nervous, too.

Windhaven was the fifth boat. Without thinking about it Linda leaned in close to her screen searching for a glimpse of a man she only knew for twelve hours, but had been on her mind for the two days since. Crazy. She’d probably never see him again, he’d forgotten all about her. A one night stand before going off the sea. But, the way he had treated her with respect, cared about what she felt, kissed her, maybe he wouldn’t forget her. She’d stick with that thought.

There he was, coiling a line behind the Captain. All business, she thought. Taking it seriously. Keeping himself safe. The thrill in her chest had nothing to do with sailing.

The interviewer asked, “I hear you had to replace one of your crew only two days ago. Is that a liability? Most of the crews have sailed together for months or years. What if he doesn’t fit in?”

Red shrugged. “That is possible, but I’ve sailed with Noah before. He knows how to fit in. We did a short sail yesterday. He caught our rhythm quickly and worked well with the crew.” He motioned to Noah to join him. “And the crew agrees. They welcomed him in true Windhaven fashion.”

Noah laughed and shook his head. “I just hope I don’t get pneumonia from being so ceremoniously thrown in the water. But I guess I can live with them.”

Thomas came into the picture and clapped a beefy hand on his shoulder. “Always good to know the new guy can swim and swear properly.”

“I hope I don’t have to swim again for awhile and if I have to swear it’ll probably be at you.”

Thomas busted a laugh. “Damn effing right.”

A woman, pretty, short hair, no nonsense, called from the companionway, “Thomas, come and help us. You’re not on a Disney cruise, you know.”

Holding his hands out in a what-can-you-do gesture, Thomas said, “She calls,” and went to help with last minute stores.

“Noah,” the interviewer asked, “You were called up on very short notice. It must have been hard to leave your family and home so quickly.”

“I did have to scramble a bit to get stuff in order. But there’s not much of family left so that wasn’t a problem.” He let out a deep breath. “Though I did meet someone… ah, recently. Maybe she’ll remember me when I return.”

“I’m sure she will.”

Linda sat back with a wide grin on her face. “I’m sure she will, too.”


She watched for hours as the boats threw off their dock lines and headed out to the imaginary start line. The wind had picked up and at noon Eastern time the seven sailboats with all sail up charged over the line in a beautiful display of grace and power.

Powerboats followed them for a half hour, cameras taking a last look at the crews working for that extra half a knot of speed.

Noah stood at the helm of Windhaven. He waved to the camera boat. Linda caught herself waving back. I’m such a fool she thought, wiping a tear off her cheek, her lips tight against any more.



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