What If? – Windhaven 3

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I usually write about supernatural stuff or mystery/thrillers. Windhaven might have some thrills but no mystery and no vampires or trips to hell (see my other books.) It’s a survival adventure that could happen any day now.  

The What If? Part:

What If? the plane Noah is on does one of those alternate dimensional/time shifts and he sees a magazine with the story of Windhaven? He reads the article with alarm, especially when he confirms the date, a year in the future. What does he do? Call Linda and the boat’s Captain and get no answer? What if he lands, knowing what happened? What if the plane shifts back to his time? Does he still go, knowing what might happen? Could he change the outcome?


Windhaven 3  

Sipping excellent coffee, Linda sat at Noah’s settee table and watched him efficiently scramble eggs, cook bacon and toast toast. She wore the jeans from the night before and one of Noah’s long-sleeve shirts against the early morning chill. She’d showered in the marina’s bathrooms and her hair was still wet and unfettered. Noah wore his light brown hair short and had no use for a hair dryer.

It figured she’d like the guy who was going away for half a year on an adventure she thought she’d like to go on, too. When he glanced at her with those bright blue eyes and a slightly embarrassed, yet thoroughly satisfied, smile she shivered with the warm memory of his touch. How long had it been since she’d had great sex and so often. There were jokes about it but she thought she might be a little sore for a day or two. So worth it.

Noah refilled her coffee cup then slid a plate full of eggs and bacon and toast and small pile of leftover potatoes in front of her. “Eat up. You’ll need your strength for those wild third graders.”

He sat across from her with his own plate. Staring at his food he raised his eyes and met hers. “You look beautiful this morning.”

“I feel beautiful. You look pretty good yourself, if a bit sleepy.”

“Your fault.”

“At least you’ll get to sleep on the plane.” She moved her eggs around with her fork. “Unless you’ve decided at the last minute not go sailing off into the sunset.”

Noah studied the piece of bacon in his hand, shrugged. “I’m committed. Or maybe I should be committed. It’s into the sunrise, actually.”

They ate in silence for a couple minutes, then Linda said, “You said the race will have a website. “I’ll follow your progress. Get my kids to root for you.”

He cocked his head hoping a thought would fall out. He grinned and shook a finger in the air. “I forgot until just now, I think their planning to set up streaming visits by satellite to schools. The kids will be able to ask questions of the crew and get real-time answers. You’ll have to check the website. Maybe I won’t have to wait six months to see you again.” Linda’s eyes opened wide in question. “That is if you don’t mind.”

Her grin matched his. “And maybe I won’t have to wait either.”

Done with breakfast they stood by the companionway ladder not sure what to do or say.

Noah said, “I’d say thanks for last night, but that seems a bit unseemly.”

Linda said, “I was sort of thinking the same thing. How are you getting to the airport?”


“Then why don’t you thank me for a ride to the airport?”

“Won’t your third graders be pining for your smiling face?”

“They’ll survive. I can take half a day.”

Noah stepped up close. “Are you going to walk me in and kiss me goodbye at the gate?”

Linda moved a few inches closer. “Yes.”

“Then thanks.”



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Hang In There, Baby

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 If you live, you persevere, whether you think you do or not. Perseverance equals hope. We all hope to live another day and we persevere through each day, hoping to make it to the next. Suicides have lost hope and therefore do not persevere. If you know anybody who is talking or thinking or trying suicide, give them some hope, and perhaps they will persevere for another day, and another, and….

I’ve received uncountable rejections for my writing, even if you don’t count rejection by no reply, leaving one to wonder if they even got your query, or lost it, or it was stolen, or if they did get it they were so overcome with its brilliance they collapsed in ecstasy and died happy, and then their assistant, overcome with grief, accidentally deleted it and was struck dumb with horror at what they’d done. Yet, I keep on keeping on, because I have hope that an agent, manager, producer or publisher will be of stout heart and reply with those magic words – Please send the complete manuscript of ______.

Australian Jessica Watson recently became the youngest (16) person to sail around the world single-handed and unassisted. At 14 she decided she wanted to do it and went after her goal, acquiring sponsors and a support team and permission from her parents. Plenty of people said she was too young to do such a thing. But after battling loneliness, storms, 7 knockdowns, and miscellaneous breakdowns and repairs, and 210 days at seas, she did it, arriving with boat and herself intact and in good spirits. Now that’s perseverance! Well done.  BTW -16 year-old Abby Sunderland from California, presently in S Africa for repairs is also sailing single-handed around the world. When she arrives home she will be the youngest to sail around assisted. Another example of perseverance. Go Abby.

If you persist with your perseverance my hope is your tenacity will be seen as steadfastness.

To persevere is usually a good thing as long as it’s focused on some lofty goal that will better mankind, or at least your bank account.  Taken too far, you become a stalker, or serial killer, or that person in the office with that, at first, endearing, but quickly annoying obsessive compulsive behaviour.

By all means hang in,  persevere, be persistent, tenacious and steadfast, but not so much that you become so annoying that when you reach your goal nobody likes you and you celebrate alone.


What if the one you love breaks up with you and you take it hard and though you’re a nice person you get a bit stalkerish and can’t help but park outside the house and watch that beautiful, wonderful, though obviously lacking in judgement, person through the window with his/her new “friend.” You know you shouldn’t, but you persevere. And it pays off! While watching you see something evil about to attack. You run into the house to save them, but there’s nothing there. Humiliated again. You persevere and there it is again! No, you won’t run in to save them. No you won’t run in to save them! But you do! And it’s real and you save the one you love and he/she realizes they still love you and you’re together, falling down a tunnel to Hell.

What if you were on a plane over Africa and the plane crashed and some of you survived and quickly realized that no one was coming to rescue you? What do you do? You either give up and die, or you persevere and maybe die anyway, but God Damn It! you gave it your best shot and can die like a Man or Woman.

What If  (pick any great discovery or invention, such as penicillin, the light bulb, atomic bomb, MS  Windows?, the Dyson vacuum cleaner, or, no no, please, no, coffee) had not been discovered because the people with the idea did not persevere. How would life be different now if slackers had been in charge of inventing and discovering stuff?

There are plenty of stories about past  immigrants who work hard and persevere and become successful. But what about in the future? What about immigrants to the moon, or Mars, or a space station or another planet? What if they were interested in building a criminal organization, but in so doing they inadvertently created a working, successful society. After all, what good is it being a great criminal if you don’t have any victims? If you steal from a business before it gets started, the business will fail and what good is that? But if you help businesses and a society thrive, then you have something. Great criminals have to persevere, too.

My perseverance is over, so I’m going to steal away to write another day.

BTW – If you do not want to get an e-mail notice about my new blog posts, let me know. I will persevere in my effort to eliminate you from my list. It seems like it’s easier to add than subtract.


Uncertainty is Life.  I could stop there, but I don’t want to make it too easy on you. We live with uncertainty every day, hour, minute, second. Will that big ass truck coming up fast behind me see the stop light I’m stopped at? Will I get that job? Or more likely these days, will I lose the job I have? (Sigh, Yes) Is that scruffy guy behind you a stone-cold psycho killer cum bank robber, or a sweet, down on his luck homeless guy waiting to cash in the coins he’s collected so he can get a good meal and should you help him out? Will that  hidden aneurism in your brain pop NOW….or Now….or…. maybe…NOW! It  happens.

Religion is all about uncertainty, and passing the collection plate. What happens when you’re dead? Heaven, Hell, nothing, reincarnation, your soul(?) shot into space,  or maybe put in some sort of purgatorial stasis until you can be recycled? Life may be uncertain, but if you believe, HALLELUJAH! hard enough, your afterlife is locked in with all the young virgins or male models you can…well, you get the idea.  But only if you believe in the right God(s) in the right way. Then you’re in. If you don’t, then you’re out, and you’re in BIG trouble when it all comes tumbling down. That’s for certain.

Making the uncertain, certain is a lucrative business. You don’t even have to be right all the time, just ask any TV weather person. If it wasn’t a well-paying gig there wouldn’t be so many stock analysts, financial consultants, horse racing touts, psychics, real estate analysts (your house value is only going to go up, Baby), weather forecasters, and con artists. You can mix and match in that list, at the very least add con artist to any of them. (Apologies to the weather people. You have a hard gig and reap your share of scorn, and get paid well for it.  I am ashamed) “Uncertain of the return on your hard-earned retirement money? I will make certain you will receive an unbelievable return on your investment if you just give all your money to me.” I think that’s how it works. I’ll have to check with  Bernie M when he gets out of jail.  

The only thing for certain, is uncertainty. And if anybody tells you otherwise, especially if money’s involved, make that certain decision to walk away. Death being the exception. But if you figure out how to walk away from that, let me know. For sure!


What if, you were certain you knew what was going to happen in a particular area and unlike those listed above you were right, always. What would you do with that knowledge? Keep it to yourself, make tons of money, then chuckle and wallow in excess while thumbing your nose at that piker Bill Gates? Would you make a little something for yourself then use your certain knowledge to help others? Would use it gain power over others, like that father-in-law who kept telling your spouse that that bum/bumette would never amount to anything? Or over a business or country? And what difference would it make whether you could or couldn’t  change the future you knew was coming?

What if you were a very decisive person always certain of your decisions, sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but you made your choices and stuck to them. But what if you made a decision that inadvertently harmed someone and they, or a hired witch/warlock, put a curse on you and your decisiveness slowly went away. Over days or weeks your certainty withered until which pair of black socks to wear froze you with uncertainty. How would this affect your work, family, life? What if you had a spouse or kid who was as indecisive and wishy-washy as you weren’t. Would they rise to the occasion, push away their uncertainty and go after who or whatever cursed you?

What if you actually understood Heisenburg’s (The physicist not the one on Breaking Bad, one of the BEST TV shows) Uncertainty Principle? What if you, and only you, could accurately determine the position and momentum of a particle at the same time? Would you be able to somehow translate this ability into an interstellar drive that would push us into the Star Trek phase of human development? I haven’t a clue. Do you?

What if you were uncertain if your wife  was cheating so you went to Mystic Sarah to have her look into her crystal ball and find out the truth, which was Yes, she is cheating. But, even worse she’s cheating with Sorcerer Sam, Sarah’s competitor, enemy, ex-husband who has a tendency to work the Dark Side. And even worse, Sarah still has a bit of a thing for Sam. Certainly, hilarity or mayhem or both will ensue.

No uncertainty here. That’s it for this week. Fer sure, man!